The United Effort Plan Trust (UEP) is sponsoring this website to communicate information about UEP land and management issues to the people living on trust land and other interested parties. The information contained in the website will be updated to include current events and public notices. Since the website will be evolutionary in nature, we invite responses and suggestions on how to make it more useful and interesting.

Mission Statement

The express purpose of the UEP Trust (as reformed by the Third District Court for the State of Utah) is to provide for the just wants and needs of the class of persons who are the intended beneficiaries of that charitable trust. In the spirit of the common interest of its participants, the UEP Trust will administer housing solutions and other benefits to those who qualify as participants in this charitable trust. Since the UEP Trust is the continuation of the entity created in 1942 by the pioneers and patriarchs of the Short Creek community, the management of the trust has adopted the mission and purpose outlined in the original trust as reformed by the Third District Court.

Long Term Goals

The long-term goal of the UEP Trust is to administer housing solutions and to spur economic development by way of investment and job creation, and to encourage and assist the establishment of viable local retail businesses. The most preferable method for the trust to accomplish its long term goal related to housing is to help the participants to become independent in their control and in some cases, the ownership of their homes.

Tertiary Goals

Along with housing and economic development goals, the UEP Trust also has the goal of encouraging the development of public use facilities. The trust is currently in control of parks, public streets and thoroughfares, cemeteries, schools, meeting houses, open spaces, farms, and light industrial buildings. Many if not all of these facilities and others will be used to enhance the level of living for the valley residents and will be administered to the highest good of the participants without discrimination. Economic and policy decisions made by managers of the trust in the past have caused many business and young entrepreneurs to leave the area. A secondary goal of the trust will be to encourage the return and retention of business and young people who are entering the work force. This will include a commitment of trust resources to economic development.