Board of Trustees

  • Don Timpson

    President, Trustee

  • Arnold Richter

    Vice-President, Trustee

  • Jean Allred


  • DeLoy Bateman


  • Greg Barlow


  • Shirlee Draper


  • Ramona Barlow


Team Members

  • Jeff Barlow

    Executive Director
  • Lisa Jeffs

    Office Manager
  • Ted Barlow

    Property Manager

More Information

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I pay my taxes to the UEP Trust or directly to the County?

    It is your choice.

    You can bring your tax payment to the UEP office where it will be applied to the property you are occupying, or you can pay directly to the county.  If you have any questions regarding up-to-date tax information please contact us at (435) 874-1126. 

    If you do choose to pay your taxes directly to the county, please provide our office with a copy of your tax payment receipt.

  • How do I Get a Petition for Benefits?

    You can obtain a petition by:

    Going to our website  Click on the 'Docs' tab then the 'Forms' tab.  
    Click on Petition for Benefits.

    Or you can contact our office via email at and request to have one sent to you.

    You can also visit our office at 1155 N. Canyon Street to pick one up.

  • Which properties are available?

    You can view available properties at  Click on the 'Properties' tab where you will be directed to viewing Utah, Arizona, Commercial, or Land properties.  These maps are kept updated and current.

  • Where can I make my Occupancy Agreement payments?

    You can make a payment through the UEP Trust website by visiting  Click on 'Payments' then follow the prompts.

    You may also visit our office at 1155 N. Canyon Street and make a payment at the front desk or in the dropbox if you arrive after business hours.


    We accept cash, checks, money orders, or credit cards.